SUED!! Did Dua Lipa STEAL Levitating ?! | You Be The Judge! – Comparison Mashup to Live Your Life

SUED!! Did Dua Lipa STEAL Levitating ?! | You Be The Judge! – Comparison Mashup to Live Your Life

YIKES! Did Dua Lipa STEAL Levitating From Another Band?!

Andy Signore Popcorned Planet breaks it down in this video! Did Dua Lipa STEAL Levitating from Live Your Life Artikal Sound System?

Dua Lipa sued for plagiarism for Levitating. Did she? (comparison mashup) by ALMASHUPS:

Excerpt from Billboard
Dua Lipa Accused of Stealing ‘Levitating’ From Florida Reggae Band in New Lawsuit
A band called Artikal Sound System says Lipa’s smash hit copied their 2017 song.

Dua Lipa was sued for copyright infringement Tuesday (March 1) by a Florida reggae band that claims the British pop star stole her smash hit song “Levitating” from a lesser-known 2017 track.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court, the members of a band called Artikal Sound System claim that Lipa’s “Levitating” – which spent 68 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and was the No. 1 Hot 100 song of 2021 – was ripped off from the band’s “Live Your Life.”

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