U*rainian Group Healing & GFL Download

U*rainian Group Healing & GFL Download

Let’s come together and give the Ukraine our love. I will guide the group through a meditation in order to transmute the frequency from fear into love. I will also channel the backend information as to what exactly is going on, what the collective contracts are, what we can learn from this, the timelines moving forward and the perspective of the GFL.

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Coffee Jazz Morning – Uplifting & Energizing Jazz Morning Music

Coffee Jazz Morning – Uplifting & Energizing Jazz Morning Music

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Get the day off to a great start with this selection of instrumental & vocal jazz, guaranteed to put you in a good mood and boost your energy levels! Enjoy these timeless jazz classics as you sip your morning coffee at the breakfast table. A selection of oldies and historical jazz recordings, a must-listen for any fan of the genre, perfect for waking up and also great as background music as you study or work. Happy Jazz Morning!

00:00 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra – Tea for Two (1939)
03:06 Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra – When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (1941)
05:50 Mills Blue Rhythm Band – Keep the Rhythm Going (1934)
08:45 Duke Ellington and His Orchestra – Ring dem Bells (1930)
11:35 Duke Ellington & Irving Mills (voc.) – When You’re Smiling (1930)
14:40 Eddie Condon & His Windy City Seven – Love Is Just Around the Corner (1938)
17:45 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra – I Want to Be Happy (1937)
20:22 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra – On the Sunny Side of the Street (1937)
23:22 Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra – Laughin’ at Life (1940)
26:17 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – Indian Summer (1939)
29:34 Duke Ellington and His Orchestra – Misty Mornin’ (1928)
32:54 Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra – Mandy (1939)
35:48 Bechet-Spanier Big Four – Sweet Lorraine (1940)
40:02 Mugsy Spanier – Relaxin’ at the Touro (1939)
43:16 Artie Shaw and His Orchestra – All the Things that You Are (1939)
46:28 Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra – Flying Home (1940)
49:25 Bud Freeman and His Summa Cum Laude Orchestra – Easy to Get (1939)
52:10 Mound City Blue Blowers – Hello, Lola (1929)
55:31 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra – Love Nest (1928)
58:40 Sidney Bechet and His Orchestra – What a Dream (1938)
1:01:32 Charlie Parker – Get Happy (1945)
1:05:15 Chu Berry and His Ensemble – Monday at Minton’s (1941)
1:08:12 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra – I’m Coming Virginia (1927)

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