BEGINNER SOLIDITY TUTORIAL (Learn Solidity in 45 Minutes 2021) Part 1/7 ( Introduction and Types)

BEGINNER SOLIDITY TUTORIAL (Learn Solidity in 45 Minutes 2021) Part 1/7 ( Introduction and Types)

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In this video we talk about the basics of what it means to program a Smart Contract in Solidity. Then we talk about the types of variables you can have in Solidity and how to declare them.

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MASTER Solidity for Blockchain Step-By-Step (Full Course)

MASTER Solidity for Blockchain Step-By-Step (Full Course)

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[00:00:00-00:05:15] Intro

[00:05:15] Pt 1 – First Solidity Smart Contract

[00:19:53] Pt 2 – Variables, Data Types, and Structs

[00:34:29] Pt 3 – Arrays

[00:45:29] Pt 4 -Mappings

[01:01:29] Pt 5 – Loops, If, Else

[01:15:20] Pt 6 – Code Cryptocurrency Payments

[01:36:40] Pt 7 – Master Smart Contract Inheritance

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