Qatar 2022: Football Fever | RT Documentary

Qatar 2022: Football Fever | RT Documentary

In the film Qatar 2022, RT correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov takes a tour of Qatar, a fascinating country that has been chosen as the host for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is the first country in the Middle East to do so. However, the country has some peculiarities that can be questionable in light of the upcoming event.
Qatar is a sweltering country, where summer temperatures can rise very high. The heat can be unbearable for unprepared people, let alone the players who are known to perform better in cooler weather. But Qatar’s authorities have thought everything through so they could welcome the teams and the guests. First of all, the FIFA World Cup 2022 was moved from summer to autumn — for the first time in its history. Secondly, the design of the stadiums will include intricate high-end cooling systems. Each seat is supplied with a tiny air conditioner like the ones we have on planes, and larger coolers will be aimed at the field to keep the temperature low for the players.
Another major issue Konstantin decided to delve deeper into was alcohol. It is hard to imagine a world sporting event on a scale that big that could go without at least a beer. Qatar, as a Muslim country prohibits alcohol, and is only available in hotels. During the FIFA World Cup 2022, fans will have a chance to toast their favourite teams in special areas. Qatari authorities and people are happy to welcome the guests and to experience the diversity of cultures.
Qatar is a small country and has no previous achievements in football. The only significant victory happened in the 2019 Asian Football Cup when Qatar beat Japan by two goals. However, it has the will and resources to make the 2022 World Cup memorable both in terms of hospitality and the teams’ performance. What secret weapon this mesmerising country has in store for the fans — watch the film and find out!

00:00 – Qatar is an unusual place to host the FIFA World Cup
2:37 – Qatar is too hot to play football. What can be done?
3:27 – How are FIFA facilities prepared to handle the heat?
5:56 – This championship might become the most expensive in history
6:37 – Taking a tour of Doha with a popular blogger
8:03 – Qatar policies are oriented towards its citizens
11:21 – What the first portable stadium looks like
13:58 – Alcohol-free Qatar will make an exception for the guests
15:55 – Camel rides have Qatar’s most popular sport before football
18:20 – What is the Qatar football team like?
20:23 – A tour of Al Rayyan football club practice
22:33 – Aspire Academy – the top high-end football school
24:31 – Aspire Academy trains for a variety of sports disciplines
25:40 – Qatar never takes the easy way to achieve goals

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