Halo Episode 5: Reckoning Review [Halo TV Series Season 1]

Halo Episode 5: Reckoning Review [Halo TV Series Season 1]

Halo Episode 5: Reckoning of the Halo TV Series Review of the Paramount + Original show that follows the Master Chief, Cortana & other iconic characters dealing with the Covenant. It dives into the humanity of the franchise while highlighting unique aspects in live action. Cast characters return whereas new faces appear within this fresh take on the universe.

Halo TV Series Review of what contains nine episodes for a first season, that already has a second season confirmation. This follows the story of the Master Chief making decisions to protect the UNSC and generally humanity as well. A super human battling against the Covenant Elites and Prophets.


#Halo TV Series Review of this rather interesting take on the franchise that isn’t canon and follows events entirely different from the games. It features familiar sounds and action but does entirely new things with the formula which is unique for sure. A reaction to the Halo show one would say. Covers episode 4

It aims to provide some action, more heart to the heroes and a range of Spartans to get used to. It dives deeper beyond the guy with a man that won’t put that mask on at all it seems. The ultimate best Halo TV Series Review.

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Halo TV Series Episode 2 FULL BREAKDOWN! (All Easter Eggs, Hidden Details and Theories!)

Halo TV Series Episode 2 FULL BREAKDOWN! (All Easter Eggs, Hidden Details and Theories!)

Episode 2 of the Halo TV Series titled ‘Unbound’ just released, so, let’s break the entire thing down and also go over ALL the easter eggs and hidden details within, and touch on theories about episode 3 and beyond!

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