7,000 Days Hardcore Minecraft World Tour! (WITH DOWNLOAD)

7,000 Days Hardcore Minecraft World Tour! (WITH DOWNLOAD)

Here is a complete world tour of my 7,000 days hardcore world! In all of this time there have been some pretty insane things we’ve done! If you want to download this world, there is a link below. The world has been changed slightly on the world download to make it as optimal as possible for everyone.

You can download the world using the link to the google drive below. Note, the world has been modified in a few ways to make the expirence better for everyone.

In order to run the world you will need to download the files and put them into one folder inside of your .minecraft folder.

If you enjoy the video, a quick subscription would mean a lot!

Music by Epidemic Sounds

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Find GG Claws and Get Rich in D2R!

Find GG Claws and Get Rich in D2R!

Lightning Sentry Claws for an Assassin are some of the most valuable items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Although they’re extremely rare, here’s the theoretical best way to find them…

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