How to Learn German | Best Tips & Tricks just for you!

How to Learn German | Best Tips & Tricks just for you!

How to learn German? A question we get quiet often from our students. Therefore I did this video in which I want to share important tips & tricks how to learn this beautiful language. These are tips and methods which I used myself when learning a new language AND methods I saw my students doing. Students who improved way faster than the other students. So these are methods which do work. Even though they are a bit old school sometimes… ???? But it also takes a lot work. Don’t expect it to be easy. ????????????????

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Resources mentioned in this video:

(for reading)
(online dictionary / also with FREE APP
(more detailed online dictionary)
(check your sentences)
(free and paid podcast)
(NDR Doku)
(Easy German)
(Robin MacPherson / different techniques)

Time Stamps:

0:00 Video Content
2:21 Your Mindset
4:24 Textbooks
5:29 Lesen – reading
9:06 Schreiben – writing
10:57 Hören – listening
13:40 Sprechen – speaking
17:05 Bonus Tip

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Learn German for Beginners – German A1 – Session 1 – Introduction to German

Learn German for Beginners – German A1 – Session 1 – Introduction to German

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