German Girls Get A Boogie Woogie Shock

German Girls Get A Boogie Woogie Shock

Bumping into a gang of German girls with smartphones at a public piano.

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Brendan Kavanagh

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7 Days To Learning Piano (Beginner Lesson)

7 Days To Learning Piano (Beginner Lesson)

New year, new YOU! Pianote Coaches are here to take your playing to the next level:
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There’s never been a better time to start learning to play the piano!

This video lesson will give you a complete practice routine, broken up into seven days. We’ll teach you all the basics, from navigating the keyboard and playing scales to building chords and playing your first song!

Join us in 7 Days To Learning Piano so we can get you up and running with this beautiful instrument.

To take the next step in your piano learning journey head here to improve your hand independence with our 5-day process:


0:00 – Intro & Rundown
1:03 – Day 1: Keyboard familiarity
4:47 – Day 2: Play the five-finger scale
8:57 – Day 3: Learn to play fifths
11:36 – Day 4: Develop your hand independence
14:40 – Day 5: Learn chords (triads)
17:43 – Day 6: Play “Imagine” by John Lennon
21:34 – Day 7: Get fancy!
25:08 – Review!

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