Présidentielle 2022 : dernier sondage avant le 1er tour !

Présidentielle 2022 : dernier sondage avant le 1er tour !

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How I Learn Things Online (Way More Efficiently)

How I Learn Things Online (Way More Efficiently)

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There’s a reason why I say I wouldn’t live in any other time period. The internet is an incredible resource and completely changed my life.Today I wanted to share how I go about learning things online to be more efficient and get straight to the most useful information.


2:00 – The two main challenges of learning on the internet
3:13 – What you will need
3:23 – The Competence Hierarchy
4:10 – Stage I of learning online
4:46 – Stage II of learning online
6:24 – Stage III of learning online
7:56 – Recap

Here are the people that I referenced in the video:

Tim Ferriss:
Seth Godin:
Peter McKinnon:
Brandon Li:
Thomas Heaton:
The Bite Shot:
Never Split the Difference:


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