What Will I Find Scuba Diving Under World Famous Mallory Square? (DANGERS: Sharks)

What Will I Find Scuba Diving Under World Famous Mallory Square? (DANGERS: Sharks)

Watch us dive the world famous Mallory Square for treasure!
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How To Find Downloaded Files Movies & Tv Shows On Amazon Prime For Windows 10/8/7

How To Find Downloaded Files Movies & Tv Shows On Amazon Prime For Windows 10/8/7

This tutorial is about find the amazon prime downloaded videos location.

If you have the android mobile or ios iphone also you can save your favourite movie to your sd card and watch it offline.

This same method also works for windows 7,windows 8 and windows 8.1 platforms,but not working in mac devices.

This video has english subtitle at same time tamil,kaise kare hindi,telugu and malayalam region people’s are can easily understand it.


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how to find downloaded files in amazon prime :

1.Some of my user’s are ask how do i find my downloaded movies on prime video?.

2.My answer is if you have the windows 10 pc just follow me friends.

3.Just goto your local disk c and then click to open “Users” folder.

4.Here you can click to open your username folder.

5.And then goto App data – Packages – Amazonvideo.PrimeVideo – Local state – Downloads.

6.Finally you can click to open that folder.

7.Here you can see it shows your downloaded movies and tv shows.

8.This is the way i try to download amazon prime movies to my laptop.

9.If the file is not download in fully some time videos are not playing or disappeared,so you can check it.

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