Learn HTML & CSS in 2022 | Crash Course

Learn HTML & CSS in 2022 | Crash Course

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— Today, we’re going to embark upon a brand new frontend development journey where I hold your hand, and we code a web design from scratch. In this process, you will learn some HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript in a crash course setting. By the end of this video, you will have created a fully responsive design that works on all devices.

The Figma Prototype:

Codepen demo for this project:

0:00 – Introduction & Project Preview
1:19 – Interactive CSS Course
2:13 – HTML Explained
5:35 – CSS Explained
8:50 – Code Editor & Project Setup
11:53 – Writing the HTML
48:53 – Mobile First CSS
1:17:01 – Mobile Navigation CSS
1:24:27 – Finishing the Mobile CSS
1:26:38 – First Breakpoint
1:30:25 – Second Breakpoint
1:44:20 – Defining Animations
1:51:09 – JavaScript
1:57:33 – Final Thoughts

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Learn Every CSS Selector In 20 Minutes

Learn Every CSS Selector In 20 Minutes


FREE CSS Selector Cheat Sheet:

The hardest part of learning CSS is not knowing what is available to use. There are so many selectors and properties to remember and it is impossible to keep them all in your head. Luckily for you, in this video I am going to show you every single CSS selector that you need to know so you will never feel stuck with selectors again. There are a ton of selectors in this video and they are all important to know so make sure you stick around until the end to learn them all.

???? Materials/References:

Pseudo Element Tutorial:
CSS Selector Article:

???? Concepts Covered:

– Basic CSS selectors
– CSS pseudo classes/elements
– Child selectors
– Advanced Selectors

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