learn english through story level 4 ★ Fever Dream

learn english through story level 4 ★ Fever Dream

learn English through story level 4
The best way to learn English is to Listen and Read Along, which you can do right now. The level 4 story is perfect for beginners because they have advanced vocabulary and grammar structures. Learning English is fun and easy with Level 4.

Level 4 of “Learn English Through Story” These stories help expand vocabulary in the “most natural way.” Research has shown that students who read in English improve in every area of language learning at a faster rate than students who don’t read. Listening practice for English Speaking Not only will you improve your English reading skills, but also your listening skills with the help of professional native speakers in “Level 4 of “Learn English Through Story”.

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Learn English through story! Enjoy this English story for learning English. You can improve your English pronunciation and listening skills with this English story with subtitles.
I want to help you advance your English reading practice, English listening skills, and English-speaking skills with modern, original English stories.

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learn english through stories level 4

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What's left of the day ⭐ Learn English Through Story level 5

What's left of the day ⭐ Learn English Through Story level 5

Learn English through the story “What’s left of the day”. This is a novel written by Kazuo Ishiguro.

The novel tells the story of Stevens, an English butler who has dedicated his life to the loyal service of Lord Darlington. In the summer of 1956, he decides to take a motoring trip through the West Country. The six-day excursion becomes a journey into the past of Stevens and England, a past that takes in fascism, two world wars, and an unrealized love between the butler and his housekeeper.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:00 Chapter 1: Staff Plans
0:12:21 Chapter 2: Unfamiliar Territory
0:23:45 Chapter 3: Small Errors
0:37:02 Chapter 4: An Embarrassing Fall
0:49:45 Chapter 5: The Birds and Bees
1:04:18 Chapter 6: The Conference
1:20:46 Chapter 7: Silver
1:30:08 Chapter 8: Sarah and Ruth
1:45:14 Chapter 9: Lisa
1:53:20 Chapter 10: A Lonely Hill
1:59:40 Chapter 11: Secrets
2:15:42 Chapter 12: Miss Kenton’s Aunt
2:22:58 Chapter 13: A Difficult Evening
2:41:00 Chapter 14: Dignity
2:51:12 Chapter 15: The Rose Garden Hotel
2:56:37 Chapter 16: Events of International Significance
3:16:55 Chapter 17: Old Friends
3:30:06 Chapter 18: The Best Part of the Day

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learn english through stories level 5

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