Level Up With… learnopengl.com

Level Up With… learnopengl.com

learnopengl.com has been a huge source of learning and inspiration for me. I decided to walk through the tutorials again to refresh myself of the various techniques and concepts, and kept a log of what I learned. This video is therefore my version of a “tech demo” and “tribute” to this fantastic website. I hope it serves as inspiration for you to take a similar journey!

My aim is to use some of the concepts, processes, and techniques to update my game engine – and has reminded me of areas which I’m very keen on “levelling up” in over the next few months. Watch this space!

– Container box, smiley face, environmental cubemap all per the learnopengl.com website by Joey de Vries – twitter: (license: with other textures and models sources from royalty free content on the internet

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