Most Unpopular And Honest Opinions About Pop Vocals And Vocalists!

Most Unpopular And Honest Opinions About Pop Vocals And Vocalists!

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0:00 Well, opinions are a thing!
0:15 Jessie J and her oversinging… yikes?
1:25 Underrated vocalists?
2:24 Lea Michelle, well…
2:55 Vocal technique matters, but…
3:45 Christina Aguilera’s best performance ever?
4:38 Vibrato!
5:40 Mariah Carey’s best cover?
6:26 Vocal agility; riffs and runs
7:00 Kpop idols; untalented?
7:48 Britney Spears
8:25 Aespa and live vocals
9:34 Kpop; Dancing vs singing
9:44 Little Mix; their harmonies without Jesy Nelson
10:25 Outro

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Jesy Nelson

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Questions mixers still have about Little Mix

Questions mixers still have about Little Mix

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