Why You Should NOT Learn Machine Learning!

Why You Should NOT Learn Machine Learning!

Everyone tells you why you should be learning machine learning. It is the next ‘big thing’ after all. But in this video I’m going to be telling you why you should NOT learn machine learning.

There are many reasons for not starting machine learning. Some of these are:
1. Don’t get into ML just because it is popular. Basically do not FOMO into it.
2. Machine learning is a huge field, there are so many things to do. You might start it but eventually give up because you don’t know what exactly you want to build using ML/AI.
3. Just because you saw people getting paid more for machine learning jobs doesn’t mean you should start it. As you can still polish your skills in other computer science related fields.

Even though I mention why you should not be get into machine learning, this doesn’t mean that you should not at least give it a go. This video is only made for some people who want to get into ML/AI without having any major goal.

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