Learn Swift Fast (2020) – Full Course For Beginners

Learn Swift Fast (2020) – Full Course For Beginners

If you want to learn swift fast, this is the course for you! Learn Swift programming with this 3 hour course that will take you from beginner to a solid understanding of how to program in Swift!

This Swift tutorial is perfect even for beginners with no programming experience! You’ll be taken through the basics and build up skills layer by layer.


This Swift course also comes with notes, cheatsheets, exercises and solutions which you can download here:

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00:00 Intro
0:20 Lesson 1 – Start Here
21:50 Lesson 2 – Data Types
29:50 Lesson 3 – If Statements
46:04 Lesson 4 – Switch Statements
53:17 Lesson 5 – Loops (Part 1)
1:03:19 Lesson 6 – Loops (Part 2)
1:11:50 Lesson 7 – Functions (Part 1)
1:19:16 Lesson 8 – Functions (Part 2)
1:32:02 Lesson 9 – Classes
1:42:28 Lesson 10 – Classes Inheritance
1:51:34 Lesson 11 – UI Kit
1:57:08 Lesson 12 – Initializers
2:06:23 Lesson 13 – Optionals
2:27:59 Lesson 14 – Properties
2:34:42 Lesson 15 – Designated & Convenience Initializers
2:42:42 Lesson 16 – Arrays
2:58:38 Lesson 17 -Dictionaries

This course will teach you using Swift 5 and Xcode.
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How I learned Flutter in 7 Days

How I learned Flutter in 7 Days

Flutter is an extremely hot topic right now in the mobile development world. I wanted to see if it was possible to go from 0 experience to building a fully functioning app utilizing flutter in 7 days. This is how I did that.

How to install and setup Flutter on macOS Catalina by @Flutter Explained

Flutter Crash Course by @Traversy Media

Flutter Firebase Authentication by @Robert Brunhage

SnackChat source code:

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Intro: (0:00)
How I’m gonna be learning: (0:25)
Staring my first flutter app: (1:42)
Finishing my flutter mobile app: (3:21)
Is Flutter TRASH?: (5:42)

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