Learn English Tenses: PAST SIMPLE or PAST PERFECT?

Learn English Tenses: PAST SIMPLE or PAST PERFECT?

Learn the difference between the PAST PERFECT TENSE (“I had worked”) and the PAST SIMPLE TENSE (“I worked”) in this advanced English class. We’ll review when to use each tense, how to form it, and what common mistakes to avoid. We’ll also do practice exercises together, so you’ll know which tense to use in conversation, business situations, or on your IELTS or TOEFL. Afterwards, you can take the review quiz on engVid: Then, continue learning more advanced English verb tenses by watching the next lesson in the series, which is on the past perfect continuous tense: Congratulations – you’re doing so well!

In this lesson:
Past Simple or Past Perfect: Comparison 0:00
Past Simple & Past Perfect: How to use them 4:29
Past Simple or Past Perfect: Practice 8:46

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How to Speak English Like a Native with BTS

How to Speak English Like a Native with BTS

Today, the Korean Pop Band, BTS, will teach you how to speak English like a native speaker. We’ve broken down an interview of the band on the Ellen Show, and RM, the group’s leader, tells us how he developed his American English accent.

Understand Fast-Speaking Natives! ✅
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