This Quiz Improve Your IQ Level : FIND CRISTIANO RONALDO ? : Football Quiz : Challenge 1-9 L 1,2,3

This Quiz Improve Your IQ Level : FIND CRISTIANO RONALDO ? : Football Quiz : Challenge 1-9 L 1,2,3

This Quiz Improve Your Focus And IQ Level
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Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7 is one of the greatest ever players to grace the football pitch. With five Ballon d’Ors, four Champions League, and one European Championship to his name, Ronaldo is arguably the best football player to exist.

Alongside being the best football player, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the most followed sportsman on Instagram. To put it simply, Ronaldo is an icon of the 21st century.

Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo is rivaled by another great player, Lionel Messi. The age-long debate regarding who the greatest ever player is between Ronaldo and Messi continues to this day.

The above quote said by Florentino Perez rings true, as Ronaldo is the second-highest goal scorer with 789 goals. Furthermore, he is also the richest footballer on this planet.

Today, we will explore Ronaldo’s current and past romantic relationship, lifestyle, business, career, and many more things.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro on 5 February 1985. Furthermore, he was born to Jose Dinis Aveiro and Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro.

Ronaldo was born in Sao Pedro, Funchal. However, he was raised in San Antonio, Funchal.

Likewise, he was named Ronaldo due to his father’s admiration of former U.S President Ronald Reagan.

Ronaldo’s father, Jose, worked as a part-time kit man and a municipal gardener. Moreover, his mother worked as a cook in a local kitchen. Growing up, Ronaldo had three siblings.

Growing up, Ronaldo’s family wasn’t wealthy in the beginning. They came from a humble lifestyle, as they experienced extreme poverty.

Due to their finances, Ronaldo’s mother wanted to abort him. Another reason was his father’s alcohol addiction.

His older brother is Hugo dos Santos Aveiro. Likewise, Ronaldo’s two sisters are Katia Aveiro and Elma dos Santos Aveiro.

Later on, Ronaldo’s mother tried drinking warm beer and also tried attempting a miscarriage. Despite several efforts, nothing happened.

Thankfully, Cristiano Ronaldo was born. His birth led him to become the world star he is today.

Moreover, Ronaldo shared a bedroom with all of his siblings. Being with the youngest member of the family, Ronaldo received all the love.

In clear words, we can say that all of his family members extremely pampered Ronaldo.

Despite the poverty, Ronaldo never ran out of clothes as a kid. His sister Maria and her husband ensured Ronaldo received plenty of clothes.

Moreover, they did this not to let him feel that he was from a poor household.

Furthermore, being the youngest child of the household eased any career pressures from him.

As his older brothers and sisters had to work hard to meet their parent’s expectations, Ronaldo had the freedom to do what he wanted to do.

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