ZSH | A Better Shell

ZSH | A Better Shell

ZSH | A Better Shell
Many use the built-in BASH and I have for a long time, but after just recently switching to ZSH I didn’t realize how fantastic it is. Once you customize and add plugins, it becomes the most powerful shell out there. I couldn’t imagine life without it now.

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Bash Script with Practical Examples | Full Course

Bash Script with Practical Examples | Full Course

Bash and shell scripting is a skill that you must have in your tool box. In this course I will teach you how use the most essential bash commands. You will also learn the differences between shell terminal and how to use VIM text editor.

I know it’s scary but I got your back.

Let’s learn

oh and this course is also available for free at Amigoscode

► Table of contents

00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:12 – Quick Word before we begin
00:04:24 – Windows User?
00:05:01 – Installing Iterm
00:10:31 – ZSH
00:11:46 – Installing ZSH
00:17:48 – Oh My ZSH
00:23:11 – Customize Iterm
00:31:33 – Section Recap
00:32:52 – Moving around your Terminal
00:37:46 – Intro to Bash Commands
00:41:44 – mkdir and Directories
00:50:26 – mkdir and Directories part 2
00:56:51 – Tree
00:58:28 – Rename with MV
01:01:17 – Working with files
01:06:58 – Less Head & Tail
01:11:03 – cp
01:15:22 – find
01:23:01 – grep
01:31:47 – Bonus: Useful Commands
01:40:54 – VIM Intro
01:42:28 – curl
01:47:05 – Getting started with VIM
01:51:26 – Navigating Around
01:59:54 – Insert Mode
02:08:06 – Delete Cut and Past
02:12:53 – Saving and Quitting
02:16:45 – Search and Replace
02:22:29 – Creating Files with VIM
02:24:37 – .vimrc
02:29:47 – Lets Wrap Up VIM Section
02:31:19 – Lets Wrap Up This Course

► Curl these files for VIM section
– curl -O
– curl -O

► Course Links

– Ultimate Vim Configuration |

► Recommended Books

Clean Code

HTTP: The Definitive Guide

Clean Architecture

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