Learn Past Participle Verbs American English | English Grammar Lessons

Learn Past Participle Verbs American English | English Grammar Lessons

“Past Participle” verbs are sometimes referred to as “Third form”. Past participle verbs are most known for their usage in the “Perfect tenses.” They are also used in all tenses in “Passive voice.” There are irregular and regular verbs.
0:00 Intro to past participle verbs.
0:26 Past Participle Verbs for Perfect Tenses.
0:39 Passive Voice with Past Participle Verbs.
0:50 Regular Past Participle Verbs With “ed.”
1:07 Noun Modifiers and Adjectives.
1:24 Passive Voice and The Verb “Be.”
1:35 Principle Parts in English.
1:48 Present Participle “ing.”
What are Past Participle Verbs. “Past Participle” verbs are sometimes referred to as “Third form”. Past participle verbs are most known for their usage in the “Perfect tenses.” They are also used in all tenses in “Passive voice.” There are irregular and regular verbs. “Regular Past Participle Verbs” are formed using the suffix “ed.” They are unique in that most past participles are also used as noun modifiers or adjectives. In the perfect tenses, the auxiliary verb “have” is used. In “Passive voice” the verb “To be” is used. All verbs in English
have “four principle parts'” “Present, Present Participle, Past, Past Participle.” “Present participle” is the suffix “ing.” Here are present perfect past participle examples.

Have I ever been to Mexico?
Yes, I have or No, I haven’t!

Have you eaten breakfast yet?
Yes, I have or No, I haven’t!

Have we got time to eat?
Yes, we do or No, we don’t!

Have they already arrived?
Yes, they have or No, they haven’t!

Has he called you yet?
Yes, he has or No, he hasn’t!

Has she spoken to you today?
Yes, she has or No, she hasn’t!

Has it been painted recently?
Yes, it has or No, it hasn’t!

Here are Past Participle Adjective Examples.

The company I work for is satisfied with my work!

He was disgusted by the ongoing investigation!

I am interested in basketball and football!

Are you worried about your new job?

My brother and sister are scared of the dark!

Remember that adding the suffix “ed” is used
to refer to feelings.

Adding the suffix “ing” is used to
refer to someone or something!

Ask your teacher to help you further.

Have fun with English!

Thanks for watching!

Bill! Time for dinner! Yes dear.

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Irregular English Verbs ???? Past Participle Form | Common Grammar Mistakes

Irregular English Verbs ???? Past Participle Form | Common Grammar Mistakes

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00:58 Why this is important
01:25 Irregular verb test

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