Adrian learned Persian perfectly in 1 year یه ساله عالی فارسی یاد گرفته

Adrian learned Persian perfectly in 1 year یه ساله عالی فارسی یاد گرفته

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Adrian learned to speak Persian/Farsi fluently in only one year. I decided to do an interview with this persian learner to ask him how he has managed to learn persian in such a short time, in other words, what are his secrets of fast learning of a language. He also talks about Iranian food, (Kalepache for example), the strange Iranian/persian culture of taarof, persian swear words (farsi f words), Iranian music, persian literature, and the difficulties of learning farsi.

00:00​ Video Introduction
00:30 Adrian’s introduction
01:45​ Why do you learn Persian?
04:13​ How did you learn Persian in a short time?
06:00​ Is it difficult to learn the Persian writing system?
06:30 Is Reading in Persian without written vowels difficult?
07:10 what is your favorite word in Persian?
08:18​ Your favorite Persian idiom?
09:09​ Do you know Persian swear words?
09:47 how to pronounce KH خ and GH ق sound in Persian?
11:04​ Do you like Iranian music?
11:36​ Can you dance Iranian?
11:52​ Do you like Iranian food?
12:28 I’d like to try Kalepache
13:18​ Any strange Iranian culture?
14:37​ Any suggestions for Persian learners?

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How to learn Farsi fast? And what are the best resources to learn Farsi language?

How to learn Farsi fast? And what are the best resources to learn Farsi language?

Hello Persian LOVERS! Or as we say in Farsi “Salaam”
In today’s video, I’m going to discuss some of your questions about learning Farsi, this beautiful language.
If you watch this video to the end, you will find out the answers to the following questions.
– How long will it take to learn Farsi language?
– What is the best way to learn Farsi fast?
– Is it possible to learn Farsi language very very fast?
– Is it possible to make massive improvements in only a few months?
– What are the best resources for learning Farsi?
– How can I improve my Farsi?
– Is learning Farsi difficult?
– Do I have to learn Farsi grammar?
– Do I need to memorize Farsi vocabulary?
– What do I need to start learning Farsi?
– What is the best way to practice my Farsi?

I’m also going to discuss these topics in this video.
– The best tips to learn Farsi language in a short period of time.
– The fastest and most efficient method for speaking Farsi language
– How to find FREE Farsi learning resources.

Learning Farsi should be fun and I have been trying, for many years now, to create videos that would please you and help you become fluent in Farsi.
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