Angle3 Pictures Presents: "VAGABOND" (Feature Film)

Angle3 Pictures Presents: "VAGABOND" (Feature Film)

“VAGABOND” tells two intersecting stories from two different worlds, brought together by chance and circumstance. Fraser, a middle-aged, homeless vagabond will crash into the life of young Anna, an uptight woman from a wealthy upbringing. Together, each will expose the other’s flaws and confront their own past revealing that sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

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Written and Directed by Kera Wong.

Starring: Rhys Collier, Anna Haydon

With support from: Kelly Gilbride, Sean O’Connor, Angie Darby, Kayla Elizabeth Britton, and Carl Drake.

Produced by Léah McVeagh

Director of Photography & Editor Daryl J Wong

1st Assistant Director Ian Neilson

Score Composition by Jaydon Cheng

Featuring ‘Wanderers’ by Looking For Alaska

To learn more about Looking For Alaska and their album featuring ‘Wanderers’, visit

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