Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 'Episode 9 Review & Recap'

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 'Episode 9 Review & Recap'

Power Book 2 Ghost Season 2 Episode 9 Review and Recap where we found out some explosive secrets, especially when it came to Mecca (Dante Spears). He’s a snitch! And a huge snitch that dates way back and connects to the original Power series to season 1 and 2 because he snitched on Filipe Lobos. He told Tariq that when he goes hell, to give his thanks to Ghost, he also said that he knows uncle Tommy as well. But this wasn’t the only secret that was revealed, Monet now knows Dante is Mecca and Cane knows he was being lied and manipulated to. So is this the downfall of Mecca’s character? Elsewhere Brayden and Effie had a choice to make, where Effie had to get it done by taking out Lauren behind Tariq’s back so what’s her play?

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