Learning RxJS in 1 Hour – JavaScript Marathon

Learning RxJS in 1 Hour – JavaScript Marathon

Learning about Observables and operators including how to build an Observable from scratch with Ben Lesh, author of RxJS

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???? Build your first React Native app – Todo List Tutorial Part 1

???? Build your first React Native app – Todo List Tutorial Part 1

In this first video of the Todo List React Native tutorial series, you’ll learn: layouts using react native, creating reusable components, passing props to custom components, using Expo to run your react native app, styling react native components and more!

Link to source code –
Link to Figma design –

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What we’ll be doing: (0:00)
Setting up Expo: (0:41)
Getting started with App.js: (1:54)
Today’s Tasks section: (2:22)
Creating a reusable Task component: (5:00)
Passing props: (7:27)
Task component styling: (8:28)
DONE ????: (13:40)

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