Learn Russian Fast (slow and easy audio) || 200 Basic Russian Words and Phrases || English/Russian

Learn Russian Fast (slow and easy audio) || 200 Basic Russian Words and Phrases || English/Russian

How to learn Russian? Learn Russian while you meditate with our video that features 200 basic Russian phrases that you need to know to start speaking Russian in your daily life.

???? Can´t read Russian? No problem! We have an Android App to help you learn the cyrillic alphabet in a day. Check it out here:

???? If you already can read Russian, our Android App will teach you the most used Russian words:

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???? About this video:

???? Each phrase is pronounced by 2 Russian speakers: this way you will learn the correct Russian pronunciation more quickly.

???? Each phrase is repeated 4 times.

???? Enjoy relaxing music while listening to Russian basic phrases: it will help you learn better and faster. ????

☑ Also try listening to this video before going to sleep. This way the words will stick better.

☑ Try meditating with this video! It will help you learn Russian and relax at the same time.

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Lesson 1. The Russian Alphabet || Russian for beginners

Lesson 1. The Russian Alphabet || Russian for beginners

Welcome to the course of the Russian language for beginners. This is the course in English where we make the first steps in learning Russian. I will teach you how to pronounce Russian sounds correctly, how to read according to the rules, and how we use the intonation.

The first lesson is about the Russian alphabet. You will find out what kind of vowels, consonants, and signs we have. Then, I explain the pronunciation and show how to print the Russian letters.

Download the file with the Russian alphabet:

Download this copy-book for practice how to write the Russian lettres:

Write the dictation and check yourself at the bottom of the page:


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