EJC Bruneck 2015

EJC Bruneck 2015

This years EJC was, once again, the best EJC so far.
During the 9 days I carried my camera around and was able to catch some really nice pictures and moves with it.
All together it made a pretty long Video but I just wanted to put everything in and even got some extra footage from Lukas.
My only goal was to give you the unique Vibes of an ejc, although everything in the video is really related to me personally as it’s content is mostly diabolo and my other jugglingfriends.
But nevertheless it might get you a bit nostalgic or hyped for the next ejc!

The music is:
In the order of the Video

Project Control – Silence
Captian Black – Sister
Achim – Beatboxing
Jose Gonzales – Stroies We Build Stories We Tell
Mr. Raoul K – Sene Kela
Clams Casino – Realist Alive

The footage I used from Lukas :
Thanks a lot for sharing!

The awesome LED-Triple-MagnetRealeas-Pois (at 10:35) are made by Villalba Joris.
Cantact him here if you want to learn more:

Villalba Joris aka “Dr. Tripod”
Email: villalba.joris@gmail.com
Youtube: Norfx poi (down in the comments)
Facebook: Norfx Tripod
Phone: +0033618165502

Other Awesome EJC Videos:

– –

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