Learn Japanese While Sleeping 8 Hours – Learn ALL Basic Phrases

Learn Japanese While Sleeping 8 Hours – Learn ALL Basic Phrases

Are you ready to learn Japanese while sleeping 8 hours? Binaural beats are specifically meant for sleep learning. Also get your free Kanji eBook to learn when not sleeping:
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You asked for this long version, here it is! In this video, we use advanced binaural beats to help you learn the Japanese language. The video features the 25 most useful phrases in Japanese. Listen to this as you go to sleep and leave on while you sleep for the greatest effects. The binaural beats we use in this video will enhance your learning abilities — and it may even help you sleep better!

Sleep-aided learning functions more like a support system to the waking brain—reinforcing knowledge but not substituting your daytime study hours.
You won’t learn Japanese by ONLY watching this video, but it will help you through passive learning.

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how to study japanese online (my fav resources + methods) ???? PCだけでペラペラになれる!

how to study japanese online (my fav resources + methods) ???? PCだけでペラペラになれる!

WE ARE BACK WITH MORE 日本語!! This time, I’ll introduce to you how I study using online resources that I’ve utilized over the years to improve my Japanese!!!

Though I personally prefer classroom learning, it’s not always possible (especially financially….), and even if you are learning in a class, having supplementary resources will make a huge difference in your learning speed! Through online resources like I mention in this video, I think you’ll be able to learn Japanese a lot more effectively ???? We are so lucky to live in an era with tons of free information online, so let’s make sure we make use of it!

Since filming this video, I’ve already thought of a few other things I wish I had mentioned…but most importantly is ONLINE CONVERSATION WEBSITES AND TUTORING ???? How did I forget this…! Probably because I myself have never actually done it….though I want to ???? But yes, there are websites like italki.com (for example) where you can talk to native Japanese speakers! Please leave a comment down below with your experience on these websites, since I’m not too familiar with them!!

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If you’re new here, welcome!! My name’s Allison and I’m a grad student and English teacher living in Tokyo ???? I upload every single Tuesday JST, so be sure to subscribe for more content about my life here in Japan!

(And sorry if the camera is a bit weird and grainy in this video….I messed up the settings and literally didn’t notice until I uploaded it to Youtube….sigh….???? But it’s 3AM now so I’m going to sleep ????)


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Green foxtail | 강아지풀

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