3 HOUR STUDY WITH ME | Background noise, Rain Sounds, 10-min break, No Music

3 HOUR STUDY WITH ME | Background noise, Rain Sounds, 10-min break, No Music

Study with me in beautiful Glasgow!
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I hope this study video helps you avoid using social media while you study. You will find a quiet and cosy study room ambience in this video when studying at your home. Hopefully, this would get you motivated more for studying. You might hear the rain, birds, typing sounds and the flipping of pages (and cars too, unfortunately) from time to time, and I hope that helps you know that I’m there studying with you!

What are you studying and where are you joining from? I also wonder what type of videos you like, study at the library or study at home? Your opinions are quite important to me; and, if you let me know what type of videos you like to watch, I would be happy.

Study method today: 50 min study/10 min break

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I am an International Relations Master of Research student at the University of Glasgow. I am currently living in Glasgow, Scotland.

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