U*rainian Group Healing & GFL Download

U*rainian Group Healing & GFL Download

Let’s come together and give the Ukraine our love. I will guide the group through a meditation in order to transmute the frequency from fear into love. I will also channel the backend information as to what exactly is going on, what the collective contracts are, what we can learn from this, the timelines moving forward and the perspective of the GFL.

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YOUR 2022 YEAR Prediction! What Is Happening For YOU?! (PICK A CARD)

YOUR 2022 YEAR Prediction! What Is Happening For YOU?! (PICK A CARD)

Hello lovelies!
Todays video is a ‘pick a card’ reading. Pick the card you’re most drawn to, to find out ‘2022 YEAR Prediction! What Is Happening For you?!’! Once you’ve picked, skip ahead to the timestamp below where I reveal what it is…

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⭐Card 1: 2:18

⚡Card 2: 28:44

✨Card 3: 58:24

????Card 4: 1:21:02

????Card 5: 1:40:31

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