Beginner's Guide to the Bash Terminal

Beginner's Guide to the Bash Terminal

This video is a crash course to help new users get started with BASH. Here is a list of the commands we’ll cover:



ls – list directory contents
pwd – print name of current/working directory
cd – change working directory
pushd/popd – put working directory on a stack
file – determine file type
locate – find files by name
updatedb – update database for locate
which – locate a command
history – display bash command history


whatis – display the on-line manual descriptions
apropos – search the manual page names and descriptions
man – an interface to the on-line reference manuals


mkdir – create a directory/make directories
touch – change file timestamps/create empty files
cp – copy files and directories
mv – move (rename) files
rm – remove files or directories
rmdir – remove empty directories


cat – concatenate files and print on the standard output
more/less – file perusal filter for crt viewing
nano – command line text editor


sudo – execute a command as superuser
su – change user ID or become another user
users – print the user names of users currently logged in
id – print real and effective user and group IDs


chmod – change permissions of a file


Ctrl+C – kill a running command
killall – kill processes by name
exit – log out of bash


Ctrl+D – signal bash that there is no more input
Ctrl+L – redraw the screen
Ctrl++ – make text bigger in terminal emulator
Ctrl+- – make text smaller in terminal emulator

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Learn Zsh in 80 Minutes macOS – Oh My Zsh – Command Line Power User | @karlhadwen

Learn Zsh in 80 Minutes macOS – Oh My Zsh – Command Line Power User | @karlhadwen

This Zsh (Oh My Zsh) was originally a paid course on Udemy, but I thought why not give this away for free as so many people were asking me on Twitter & Reddit for coupons, so I thought why not? So here you are, your free Zsh (Oh My Zsh) course, enjoy ????

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⏳ Timeline
0:00:00 – Introduction – Becoming a ZSH (Oh My Zsh) Power User
0:05:25 – What Is Zsh (Oh My Zsh)? Why Not Just Use Bash?.mp4
0:09:31 – Installing Zsh & Oh My Zsh
0:11:53 – Installing iTerm
0:15:26 – Zsh (Oh My Zsh) Configuration File (.zshrc)
0:21:01 – Using Zsh (Oh My Zsh) Plugins
0:26:30 – How Do I Add a Zsh (Oh My Zsh) Plugin?
0:28:45 – The Most Useful Zsh (Oh My Zsh) Plugins
0:32:25 – Using Zsh (Oh My Zsh) Themes
0:34:58 – Automatic cd (No Need to Keep Typing cd)
0:36:17 – Multiple iTerm Instances (Split Screen)
0:39:22 – Viewing Last Visited Dirs
0:41:10 – z – Jump Around Directories (Super Powerful Tool)
0:47:32 – Spelling Correction (setopt correct)
0:50:25 – Adding Syntax Highlighting
0:52:21 – Deleting Files & Folders Using Trash (No More rm -rf)
0:54:44 – Creating Custom Aliases Using Zsh (Oh My Zsh)
0:56:03 – Updating Your Zsh (Oh My Zsh) Configuration Using a Custom Alias
0:57:50 – Showing All Aliases
1:00:07 – Creating Git Custom Aliases
1:05:29 – Creating NPM Custom Aliases
1:07:15 – Creating Yarn Custom Aliases
1:09:54 – Creating Docker Custom Aliases
1:11:10 – Creating a More Readable Git log Alias
1:12:24 – Grabbing Your IP Address
1:13:16 – Displaying Folder Storage
1:14:23 – Check Port For Usage
1:15:10 – Other Useful Aliases
1:16:45 – Creating Custom Functions
1:17:59 – Creating a Git Pull Request Function
1:20:20 – My .zshrc (Zsh & Oh My Zsh) Config File

???? Learn how to increase your terminal productivity tenfold! Super-charge your terminal experience using Zsh (Oh My Zsh). Oh My Zsh is an amazing community-driven framework for managing your Zsh configuration! Oh My Zsh includes over 200+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, php, python, etc), over 140 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

Are you interested in becoming a more productive terminal user? Look no further. I’m going to teach you how to become a Zsh (Oh My Zsh) power user. This course is preliminary macOS focused but the same concepts can be applied to Windows. I will show you how to setup iTerm and Zsh (Oh My Zsh). Besides this, I will show you how to become a more productive terminal user; as much as a tenfold increase in your productivity when using terminal!

I will show you how to install themes, plugins, z (jump quickly to directories you have visited “frequently.”). Besides this, I will show you how to set up aliases and custom functions (my favourite two features). I will also show you how to set up specific aliases for technologies that you may use: Git, NPM, Yarn, Docker. For custom functions, I will show you how to set up very useful functions that can help your Git workflow—such as creating a Git pull request from one command.

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