How to Learn Vim Quickly and Correctly [20210422163108]

How to Learn Vim Quickly and Correctly [20210422163108]

Learn Vi and Vim like you would create a container, in overlays. First learn just plain vi. Then layer Vim on top of that. Then add NeoVim (if you so desire, I do not. I hate NeoVim because it is useless and brain dead at its core). Using a Docker container to do vimtutor is one easy way to get started. And do not forget for the essentials.

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Bob Ross – Mountain Summit (Season 13 Episode 10)

Bob Ross – Mountain Summit (Season 13 Episode 10)

Snowy peaks point toward the heavens as Bob Ross surrounds all of this with a happy gathering of landscape finery.

Season 13 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Rolling Hills, Frozen Solitude, Meadow Brook, Evening at Sunset, Mountain View, Hidden Creek, Peaceful Heaven, Mountain Exhibition, Emerald Waters, Mountain Summit, Cabin Hideaway, Oval Essence, and Lost Lake.

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Season 13 Playlist:

Originally aired on 11/4/1987

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