6 Free Websites to Learn Hacking Fast!

6 Free Websites to Learn Hacking Fast!

This video will answer the eternal question of “How to learn hacking”. All resources in this video are free, some with paid features. All of which are based on my personal experience and opinion and not sponsored content.

These are:
Port Swigger Academy –
Pen Tester Lab –
Hack.me –
Over The Wire –
Hack The Box –
Vuln Hub –

Happy Hacking

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ZSH | A Better Shell

ZSH | A Better Shell

ZSH | A Better Shell
Many use the built-in BASH and I have for a long time, but after just recently switching to ZSH I didn’t realize how fantastic it is. Once you customize and add plugins, it becomes the most powerful shell out there. I couldn’t imagine life without it now.

ZSH Webpage:

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