4000 imported Japanese cars and 300+ Westfalias discovered in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 115

4000 imported Japanese cars and 300+ Westfalias discovered in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 115

It’s not often that Tom looks at shiny new cars, but when he heard about a Japanese import specialist who has collected and sold over 4000 Japanese manufactured vehicles, he couldn’t pass the opportunity up. We’re talking Datsun Z cars, GT-Rs, Accord Aerodecks, Figaros, Totota Coronas, Suzuki Jimnys, and many more. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Tom visits a nearby location that holds 300 plus Volkswagen Westfalias that have been collected from around the U.S. by a gentleman to help preserve and maintain the Westfalia population. Among the collection are a few rare utility Westfalias from different countries. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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Volkswagen Polo 2022 review – now better than a Golf?

Volkswagen Polo 2022 review – now better than a Golf?

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This is the new Volkswagen Polo!

Well, we say new, but it’s more ‘updated’ than all new. The question is, can the Polo stand out against competitors like the Ford Fiesta, Audi A1 & SEAT Ibiza? Well, it’s time to find out!

Let’s start off with the design. And let’s face it, even if it’s been updated, it’s still instantly recognisable as a Polo. In terms of what’s new compared to the old edition, well at the back you’ll find some new taillights and a redesigned rear bumper, while upfront you’ve got yet another redesigned bumper, along with a daytime running light strip!

The updates don’t end there, though! Once you take a step inside, you’ll find an all-new steering wheel, coupled with a new climate control system (the same as found in the ID.3) and a digital driving display as standing!

When it comes to performance, the range-topper (without upgrading to the Polo GTI) comes equipped with a 1-litre turbo petrol that can deliver 110hp.

So what do you think – does it warrant the £18,000 starting price? And should you really spend that much when there are so many other small hatchbacks available at the moment? You’ll have to stick with Mat for this all-new in-depth review to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:47 Exterior Design
02:19 Interior
04:35 Back Seats
05:20 Boot
06:40 5 Annoying Things
08:10 5 Cool Things
09:48 Engines
10:45 Driving
13:24 Verdict

Mat’s ideal VW Polo configuration –

A small car with more back-seat space –

A cheap VW with a bigger boot –

Sportier small car –

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