Why Putin's Inner Circle Hasn't Turned On Him

Why Putin's Inner Circle Hasn't Turned On Him

Russian pro-democracy leader Garry Kasparov tells José Díaz-Balart what needs to happen for someone in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle to turn against him. 

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Why Putin’s Inner Circle Hasn’t Turned On Him

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Brutal Attack (Apr 18,2022) Ukraine Drone Destroy Russian Missiles Convoy in Mariupol

Brutal Attack (Apr 18,2022) Ukraine Drone Destroy Russian Missiles Convoy in Mariupol

Ukrainian nonprofit Come Back Alive has collected ammunition, rifle stands and radios to help the country’s soldiers fight Russia’s invasion. In the past week, it also delivered items more commonly used to pep up YouTube videos than fight a war: 24 DJI Mavic 3 drones.

“Our drones are our eyes,” said one Ukrainian military officer who’s worked with drones since 2015 and spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons. The Ukrainian military has no official drone unit, the officer said, but soldiers and civilians use them to see what’s in the next village or along the next kilometer of road. “If Russian artillery is preparing to strike, we can shift civilians. … It’s a possibility to make a preventive strike and to save Ukrainian people.”

From commercial quadcopters to fixed-wing military models, drones have proved important to Ukraine, giving its outgunned defense better chances against the huge Russian military. Early in the war, a civilian drone team called Aerorozvidka worked with military units to help Ukraine stall a convoy of armored vehicles headed toward Kyiv, the country’s capital. During a nighttime ambush, the unmanned aircraft dropped small explosives on the lead vehicles, which along with mines caused a pileup. The team also helped Ukraine repel Russia’s initial attempt to seize the airport near Kyiv.

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