WHY HIM? (Ben & Fred Watch #9) part 1/4

WHY HIM? (Ben & Fred Watch #9) part 1/4

Merry Christmas, and hope you enjoy the latest instalment of Ben & Fred Watch, Why Him!

Also yeah had to divide this into four parts because of copyright, if you wanna watch this in a playlist click here:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Now to address all the James Franco stuff, to be clear this was recorded back in August, when there were allegations against Franco out there but Freddy and I were both pretty unaware of them. Then we decided to save this video till Christmas as a bit of a fun Christmas special, and two days before Christmas this whole new James Franco story breaks with him discussing the allegations. My point is, this might seem like very strange timing putting this video out now, and so I wanna clarify that it was recorded in August and we’ve been saving it specifically for the date of December 25, which is why it’s going up now. Also to be clear a lot of the times when we refer to “Franco” in this video we’re talking about his character in the film, like at 5:06, just so that doesn’t get taken out of context. So yeah, obviously a bit unfortunate, especially with the timing, but we’re just having fun with a movie here that we’ve joked about and had a recurring meme about for a long time now. Just wanted to clarify that, hope you enjoy the video, and Merry Christmas!

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