How to check if you can run Windows11 (whynotwin11)

How to check if you can run Windows11 (whynotwin11)

How to check if you can run Windows11 (whynotwin11)
The app home page that pops up says “PC health at a glance.” At the top, a box reads “Introducing Windows 11.” Click Check now. If your machine is not compatible, you’ll get a message that says, “This PC will not run Windows 11.

First Go Download This –
PC health Check APP

00:00 GetPChealthapp
01:02 whynotwin11
02:39 windows insider program

Already Installed In my system So Open It After Installation

Still if you want check in detail then…..

Detailed Check………..with Whynotwin11

Go For It its perfect….We can Install Dev Version from windows Insider Preview Program

Make sure you register this ..then install it …Bye

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