How to Check if Your PC Can Upgrade to Windows 11 | WhyNotWin11

How to Check if Your PC Can Upgrade to Windows 11 | WhyNotWin11

WhyNotWin11 lets you know if your machine is compatible with Windows 11 by running a small script.

WhyNotWin11 runs through the currently known system requirements for Windows 11 and then provides you with the results. There are now 11 categories included: Boot Type, CPU Architecture/Generation/Core Count/Frequency, DirectX Support, Disk Partitioning, RAM, Secure Boot, Storage, and TPM minimum.


The results are displayed with color codes, meaning red does not meet the requirement, whereas green suggests the prerequisites are met. The yellow color is used as an indicator that a particular requirement is not yet known.

During my tests, I noticed the tool creates a plain text file that is empty. I am assuming this is part of a future release that probably has the role of saving the compatibility results.

If you want to know what those system requirements are, you can check out my recent video on the subject. But for those of you wondering if you’ll be able to jump from Windows 7, 8, or 10 to 11 for free, this is your confirmation.

Given Microsoft’s focus on providing its OS and services to as many people as possible, a free upgrade was highly likely from the get-go. The question’s just been when it would be confirmed.

✓ Compatibility for Windows 11

✓ Windows 11 system requirements

✓ Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

✓ Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors

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Windows 11 Compatibility Check | WhyNotWin11

Windows 11 Compatibility Check | WhyNotWin11

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Video kali ini akan membagikan sedikit tips untuk mengecek spesifikasi laptop kita mampu atau tidak untuk menjalankan atau melakukan instalasi Windows 11, disini menggunakan aplikasi WhyNotWin11.

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