Doja Cat is Copying Nicki Minaj or Paying Homage – Cardi B Mentions Nicki in Lawsuit Against Tasha K

Doja Cat is Copying Nicki Minaj or Paying Homage – Cardi B Mentions Nicki in Lawsuit Against Tasha K

Doja Cat is Copying Nicki Minaj or Paying Homage – Cardi B mentions Nicki in Lawsuit against Tasha K

Lil Kim also Shades Angela Yee Over Nicki Minaj.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Doja Cat Tribute (Get Into Yuh)
1:03 Doja Cat Copies Nicki Minaj Vogue Cover
1:30 Doja Cat Copies Ganja Burn
1:46 Fans Share Their Opinion
3:00 Cardi B Mentions Nicki Minaj
4:14 Lil Kim Shades Angela Yee Over Nicki Minaj

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Doja Cat

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rIVerse Reacts: NOW – Woman by Doja Cat

rIVerse Reacts: NOW – Woman by Doja Cat

Doja Cat has been EVERYWHERE lately and this song took over TikTok with the dance challenge. We are so excited to see the official MV for ‘Woman’ … Doja Cat served absolute divine feminine QUEEN energy in this video and we lived!

We also got to celebrate our own Queen Khadija birthday! Comment down below to send her birthday wishes!

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2:10 Reaction
3:58 Commentary
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Doja Cat

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