Teach Me Zulu | Animals

Teach Me Zulu | Animals

In this video, we teach our kiddies how to say the names of different animals in isiZulu. This is perfect for parents who want to reinforce their kids’ isiZulu or simply learn a new language.

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Zulu UC Mobile Walkthrough

Zulu UC Mobile Walkthrough

As part of our commitment to continue delivering industry-leading Unified Communications (UC) solutions, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new Zulu Mobile softphone for iOS and Android devices!

Zulu Mobile is similar to our popular Zulu Desktop application for Apple and Windows computers, providing even greater flexibility by delivering powerful UC features right to your fingertips.

We have started a soft launch for Zulu Mobile, which means it is currently available for download from the Google play store and Apple store. Please go ahead and download Zulu mobile for your own use to get familiar with it before the official launch.

Watch this walk through video to learn everything you need to know about Zulu Mobile!

Sangoma Technologies is a trusted leader in value-based Unified Communications solutions for SMBs, enterprises, OEMs, carriers, and service providers and maintains the Asterisk and FreePBX projects. Visit them at

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