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  1. This song makes me think of the first “glance” of my boyfriend before we started dating. He’s amazing and cares for me like someone should. He makes me want to explore the world and smile more. 💕 Thank Taylor for this song. I’ve literally listened to this song and wished for a guy like my boyfriend thank you 🙏

  2. If you think about it, this is kinda creepy. Imagining an entire life with a stranger. Just think about it. I still love this song, but it IS KINDA creepy.

  3. okay, this is kind of random, but i so want this song to be connected to never grow up. like, not just by the same artist and on the same album or whatever, but like the character in mine is the same one who sings never grow up, and the baby in mine is the one she sings about in never grow up, if that makes sense. anyway, just a thought lol

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  5. Its 2022 and i'm here listening to this country song of her, back in 2010. I just love this era, and this was my door to become a swiftie. I really really love her music. This song is one of them.

  6. I will definitely play this song in the future while looking to the guy who caught my attention.🤣 love at first sight.
    Ps. I just love this song and it makes my day complete everytime i listen to this song.

  7. I want everyone to know I'm thankful for all the people that are still here with me enjoying these Taylor swift videos. that girl sings amazing and keep the faith,peace,love, and purpose

  8. This is still one of my favourite Taylor Swift eras. I am a singer songwriter and try and write speak now era songs. I’d be honoured if any swiftie would check out my music and see if I sound like Tay tay:)

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