Teen Girl's Piano Exam Shocker!

Teen Girl's Piano Exam Shocker!

Teen girl is shocked as her own composition for a piano exam gets played back to her by a pro pianist.

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Brendan Kavanagh

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34 Replies to “Teen Girl's Piano Exam Shocker!”

  1. Love the Boogie Woogie. Yamaha needs to tune that piano that they are getting kits if advertising with these videos. Twangy and out of tune. Especially the higher keys. TUNE IT YAMAHA

  2. This is my fave Brandon video. Don’t get me wrong I love his jazzy jams with random people and his piano friends but I just love 💕 the authenticity of the moment.

  3. You can tell this young woman will grow to be a true musician. Instead of complaining of being outdone she scrambles for her phone to record another musican!!! Good job young lady!!!

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