The Arsenal Transfer Show EP148: Arteta, Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Cedric & More! | #RawReactions

The Arsenal Transfer Show EP148: Arteta, Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Cedric & More! | #RawReactions

The Arsenal Transfer Show EP148: Arteta, Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Cedric & More! | #RawReactions


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0:00 Intro
1:18 Arsenal, Forest positive cases
3:14 Son injured for the North London Derby
3:55 Atletico want Cedric on loan with buy option
5:16 Vieira responds to Nketiah links
6:16 Arteta confirms Arsenal will ‘move’ on signings
7:14 Bruno Guimaraes unlikely this winter
8:13 Vlahovic optimism increases
10:16 Arteta responds to Vlahovic links
12:34 Q&A

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20 Replies to “The Arsenal Transfer Show EP148: Arteta, Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Cedric & More! | #RawReactions”

  1. Dali forget. Elneny will run down his contract till end of season. He won't get 57k a week anywhere. Another Wenger problem including Kolasinac who also takes 110k a week

  2. Big up Tom for batting down Xenophobic, childish comments. It’s one of the reasons why so many of us appreciate your content. You keep things focused, balanced & encourage respectful conversation

  3. It's like groundhog day as an arsenal fan at the moment.
    Same new stories..every single day…no new information..just a repeat of yesterday 🙁

  4. I disagree with you Thomas …I personally think guimeares is more important I would go for him rather than a striker we got Martinaly saka ASR pepe laca auba to score a more dynamic midfielder is in need indeed with partey off saxas bad luck sambi inconsistentency elnany one dimension we need the heart in the middle that can take matters on and move up with odegaard this would be lethal and hard to defend against but yes if we can do both it would be a wow transfer

  5. Arteta talks a load of ball0x, honestly.

    And Edu. It's sad to see. Stem's from our pathetic owners. I'll believe all this charade when I see Vlahovic, or Isak at Colney training ground. And when we get top4. Europa in 2022, from Europa 2 years ago in 2020 is not ''progress'' at all, that's the reality of the matter.

  6. Tom, before I knew who made that thumbnail image, I quietly said to myself whoever made that deserves a knighthood! Quality bit of photoshop there mate!

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