The Arsenal Transfer Show EP151: Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Danilo, Cabral & More! | #RawReactions

The Arsenal Transfer Show EP151: Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Danilo, Cabral & More! | #RawReactions

The Arsenal Transfer Show EP151: Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Danilo, Cabral & More! | #RawReactions


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0:00 Intro
3:22 Klopp false positives at Liverpool
4:36 Balogun set for Middlesbrough loan
5:13 Lacazette 2-year contract
6:29 Wijnaldum loan option
7:13 Arsenal have competition for Danilo
8:05 Cabral speaks about ELP hope
8:55 Juve looking at Guimaraes
11:39 The £150m Vlahovic Arsenal deal – is it worth it?
19:52 Questions on Vlahovic and usual Q&A

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18 Replies to “The Arsenal Transfer Show EP151: Vlahovic, Guimaraes, Danilo, Cabral & More! | #RawReactions”

  1. Vlahovic and his agent are trying to milk Arsenal's push for top-4 and it really doesn't seem like it will bode well for the club. High wages, no clarity if he fits the system, and room-to-improve clause has never really worked out for big-money transfers.

    Watkins is a very good option and will be an overall team player who will also score goals. Even DCL is a good option, that is if Everton don't seek an exorbitant transfer fee.

  2. It seems to me that Vlahovich’s agents are advising him on their own interests rather than What is good for a young 21 year old , his development and growth , which will be unarguably best at Arsenal with its squad of young talent .

  3. Remember Edu’s interview when he said no one gets in midfield above Party & Xhaka that’s a joke,we desperately need an upgrade on Xhaka and to bolster numbers in midfield the club should have players in by now, and I feel this Vlavich chase is all what it is AFC probably know he is not coming just like Locatelli, just trying to appease the fans that look we are in for top players and they don’t want to come.

  4. I would not offer him 300k that's not how we close the gap to the topp 3.

    If we offer him that money than every other new contract negotiations is going to be crazy. Players like Saka, Martinelli, Odeegard etc would want similar wages.

    Look at Liverpool they have a very healthy wage structure and still managed to get back to the topp.

  5. I'm not bothered by the idea that Vlahovic isn't desperate to join Arsenal, and is open to moves to other clubs, as long as he's sold with the process. Odeegard/Tomiyasu weren't out there desperate for a move to Arsenal or boyhood fans of the club, look how well they perform for us.

  6. Too much of a risk for Dusan V. If the reports are correct there is so much more we could do with the money in the summer, especially when you see the drop off from first team to back up. Still so much more we have to do with this squad. Back up CB, get rid of Holding and Mari, back up RB, chambers deal runs out and get rid of cedric, at least 2 CM’s, a winger and arguably 2 strikers. Such a big outlay on one guy seems like a bad idea. Not saying he wouldn’t smash it but I don’t think he’s the be all and end all 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. PCR test is like 99% false

    You can find anything you want to find with it but doesn't mean you have it that's why the W.H.O have told them to scrap the test

  8. Seen a few reports that Wijnauldum (apologies for spelling) wants to try to make it work at PSG and has no intention of leaving. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true. Might be wrong, but never thought this had any legs.

  9. In my opinion, Auba should never put that red and white shirt on ever again……… not even in the reserves….. EVER!!!
    What the club needs to do is get rid of him, even if we have to send him out on loan and pay some of his wages.

  10. Watkins? Absolutely NOT!!!! There's no way that the young fella would be a good match for our team and club, not in a million years!!!!!
    And Vlahovic? I'd be more than happy to spend big on him, he's well worth every single penny in my opinion. If he could match his current form for The Arsenal, then it's fine by me.

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