The Arsenal Transfer Show EP154: Vlahovic, Arthur, Zakaria, Tielemans & More! | #RawReactions

The Arsenal Transfer Show EP154: Vlahovic, Arthur, Zakaria, Tielemans & More! | #RawReactions

The Arsenal Transfer Show EP154: Vlahovic, Arthur, Zakaria, Tielemans & More! | #RawReactions


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0:00 Intro
2:32 North London Derby postponement
6:08 Aubameyang health concern
7:15 Denis Zakaria is an Arsenal alternative
8:13 Brendan Rodgers addresses Tielemans link
9:06 Allegri discusses Arthur future
11:12 Dusan Vlahovic to Arsenal update
15:20 Q&A session

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25 Replies to “The Arsenal Transfer Show EP154: Vlahovic, Arthur, Zakaria, Tielemans & More! | #RawReactions”

  1. Tom I don't care what the haters of Arsenal want to say because as the you said when other team do it its fine. I'm happy it's postponed. Look on what happen at the start of the season. We lost 3 games. COYG recognize fir the next game. Gunnerz 4 life.

  2. If rumours are true and Gladbach wants Eddie Nkethiah, a swap deal between him and Dennis Zakaria until the end of the season is lucrative. Both players are out of contract in the summer, where both player can make there decision. Arsenal shud look at gaining a midfielder at the end of the season

  3. Thankyou tom… moronic is a perfect description of our handling of the amn situation! Never agreed with people calling arsenals behaviour as criminal! quick call 999 !!!

  4. Tottenham are just salty. Neville abs Carragher are two faced clowns who have double standards. When it’s Arsenal they want to come out and make statements. When it was their teams there was not a single peep from them. Good on Arsenal doing what they have done.

  5. The sky pundits are just looking after sky and their Sunday Live matches.
    Was only 2 weeks ago they were quoting player safety and the need to know what the criteria is to have a game postponed.
    Everyone knew what would happen if the manages learned how to get games played when it suits them. Sky created their own problem.

  6. Can’t stand Neville and Carragher. They became buddies on the Arsenal dilemma. Why didn’t they speak up on this before this time? Too biased the both of them against Arsenal if you ask me.

  7. Here's hoping the nld is postponed 🙏🙏. Most important derby in the last decade, don't want us to field an under strength team just to make up the numbers.

  8. The solution is so obvious… Buy the leftover stock of "faulty tests" from Liverpool, get some false positives of our own and get the match delayed (but not for so long that Son returns before the match).

    Easy peasy.

  9. Had asked on chat but stream got over,as his agents are being obstructive on vlahovic transfer is him changing agents the only way we can sign him in January

    you think

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