The Sinking of Battleship Yamato

The Sinking of Battleship Yamato

Movie : The Great War of Archimedes (2019)
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The sinking of the Yamato marked the end of the era of super battleships as the world’s main naval power. Various countries began to look at alternative ways other than battleships to launch their military operations. The battleship project is considered too expensive in terms of production and maintenance costs.

Nazi Germany also experienced the same thing, changing strategy after losing the battleship Bismarck. Operations to repel Allied merchant ships in the Atlantic were only carried out by U-boats, which were more effective than large-tonnage battleships.

Another idea that shone after the end of the battleship era was the airplane. The development of aircraft technology is considered to be more effective so that aircraft carrier projects are more desirable and must be owned by countries in the world today. Military ships are also designed to be as effective and efficient as possible, not necessarily having large tonnage and cannons like the doctrine of battleships of the World War I and II eras.

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  1. Well those guys are idiots Holding on the ship but the best way to live is to get on the ocean and surrender dumb ass Japanese soldiers

  2. According to the Wikipedia article ( ) the film revolves around the arguments against the construction of Yamato made by a math prodigy called Commander Kai, who reveals that the cost of the ship is much greater than its advocates claim and that the monster battleship will lead Japan into war as it will be seen as an imminent threat by the Americans. I can't say what is fiction or fact in the movie, but history tells us that the West did not perceive Yamato as a threat because her existence was kept a closely guarded secret by the Japanese navy. The Americans did not discover the astonishing truth about Yamato and Musashi until the surrender when witnesses were interviewed and documents were revealed.

  3. 私の祖父は元大和の乗組員でした。

  4. Having a big ship like that can be a disadvantage. Ok two big differances my ship is in sky/space. It also carries ucav drones ships and ucav fighters. All this and it has big guns. Such faith they should have done a mock battle first. This is why we test before it happens.

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