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Jesy Nelson



  1. So 1) Melanie C aka sporty spice blackfished in 2001 when she released the r&b inspired track Never Be The Same Again wearing a gold caped tooth with Lisa Left Eye Lopes of TLC fame hmmm interesting.
    2) and perky Faye from the UK group Steps was blackfishing when she had those blonde dreadlocks? OK girl
    3) no way so was Aguilera blackfishing in the Can't Hold US Down and Dirty music videos grinding with Lil Kim, dam that Lil Kim's a traitor.
    4) what !!! Eminem and Vanilla Ice blackfished their entire careers impersonating rap music …..hmmm Get Outta Compton
    5) and Britney blackfished with Snoop Dogg in that unreleased music video Outrageous?….wearing her basketball outfit, s h i t…… that why she broke her knee?
    6) and that Madonna the Queen of reinvention did she blackfish when she teamed up with Timberlake and Justin Timberland for the single 4 Minutes?
    7) Arianna Grande isn't Black wth?
    8) Whitechicks what the hell they ain't white?????
    SO….Does that mean that
    1) Beyonce whitefishes with her blonde hair pieces and straight hair?
    2) or were those heavily CGI blue contact lenses that Blu Cattrall sported in the Breathe Sean Paul music video not really her own eyes, wow talk about whitefishing
    3) or Whitney Houstons first single I Wanna Dance with Somebody in the 80s styled like some cheesy early Kylie Minogue video – was that a form of Whitefishing?
    4) Michael Jackson is black wtf, get out of Neverland b i t c h?
    5) oh so Nicki Minajs blonde hair ain't real ….no way Jose.
    6) Pinks first couple of singles with LA Reid you sure that girl ain't part mixed raced…..dammm
    7) what about Asianfishing when Kylie and Madonna dressed up as Geisha girls for their late 90s hits Nothing Really Matters and German Bold Italic….is asianfishing a thing?
    The World is a lie people, the world is a lie….I think this shows how ridiculous Leigh Ann Pinnock is and the general OC brigade and how vast and extensively you can call out Black or White fishing….and why the term Cultural Appropriation should actually be renamed Cultural Inspiration and let people get on with there damm lives

  2. Yeah iv watched a few of these shady videos uv done on Leigh Ann & Jesy &!ur looking way to much into things & uv clearly got it in for Jesy I mean what is it are u doing this for views & likes I actually think u need to look at the bigger picture u don’t know any of the girls however ur quick by to take Leigh Ann’s side this is so stupid

  3. 1. This clip was a talent show, the girls were never going to agree on everything and I actually agree with Jesy the guy group were not good at all, not sure why the others were sugar coating it so much.
    2. Who knows maybe jesy had other stuff on her mind like her own anxiety, it doesnt need to mean anything bad.

    I think people going back and overanalyzing every interaction is not good, disagreements are normal between friends, and Im actually not defending what Jesy did recently but I also dont think she is anywhere near the worst celeb, just rather naïve and unaware of what her most recent vid represents.

  4. Jesy is jealous of Leigh Anne, plain and simple. She wasn't born that way, Leigh Anne, was. She's spent 10's of thousands to improve and enhance her looks. Leigh Anne, hasn't needed to. This is typical of many women who try to mimic and copy women of color. Yeah, I said it.

  5. At the end of the day sometimes we’re not best friends with everyone in our friend group. There are two girls in my friend group who aren’t as close as the rest of us, but there is no bad blood. I’m sure if you watched us closely you’d find points of tension between them and all of us, especially if we’re in a situation we don’t really want to be in. With the second clip I understand if Jesy was slightly frustrated by the “I just got it off the rack in the hotel room” comment because as a slightly bigger girl and the biggest in my friend group, I have been in the situation where everything on the rack fits the other girl except me and it can be a terrible feeling.

    I’m by no means saying there is no way they didn’t have issues, but I don’t think these clips alone are the best examples.

  6. Idk why with girl groups ppl are always ready to pin a girl fight between the girls. I dnt think there necessarily was tension between the girls. Imo it’s just internalize jealously jesy probably didn’t even realized she had until recently. If we are gonna nit pick at all little mix videos we are gonna have to admit jesy was annoyed at everyone at one time or another, not just Leigh Anne. Sometimes that’s just someone’s personality. Imo I think this is just a misunderstanding blown out of proportion bc of third parties and now there’s a lost friendship that probably can never be fixed

  7. I still don’t get the whole blackfishing shit. She’s just doing the thing she loves. And she ain’t harming anyone with it. So just let people be. She isn’t trying to be black. And then again what the actual heck… everyone should just take a big ass chill pill and not be so irritated about it. There are freaking people who are black and use white wigs or blue contact lenses for YEARS. And I know people are gonna say that “well if we “black people” want to get a shot at something we have to” and I get that. U want to change ur appearance to be accepted. (What doesn’t make any sense to me bc u should be accepted no matter the way u look or speak) but yeah, that’s the world we live in sadly. But yeah just let people be. We should instead just start at the topic at hand and handle it from there “about the fact that collored people have to work harder to get things” I completely get that. But as a white person. I really don’t see the issue that she’s some shades darker….. and be honest with me guys. And I mean without the whole BLM thing. We are just people who are just trying to fit in and to be accepted. And I’m not even talking about race. It just disgust me that people jave to prove themselves with skin collor or the way they look. U should just accept people in general. And I really don’t see the issue if a white men/women want’s to appear more black just like some black people want to appear more white… just accept people how they are and that’s something I kinda miss bc in the old days it was completely acceptable and people loved and cheered for each other. And now people are instantly defided bc someone talks about race. So what, we should just accept each other the way someone acts or thinks or feels….

  8. I have always noticed the tension between them (from personal experience) that Jesy may have not like Leigh Anne or Leigh may have not liked Jesy, I do think they could have talked things throw or Jesy actually experiencing how she felt towards Leigh-anne, I don't think they had that link they once did cause of it slowly fading out like it sometimes does

  9. Dam the hate and jealous is real 🥴I don't blame her for being jealous 😂 Leigh is beautiful and natural she's trying her best to look like her by tanning everything else she does to herself 🤣🥴

  10. I think you’re reaching, that’s what I think. Like with a 30 metre pole.
    Please don’t try to get clout with the unfortunate fallout between two women who’ve worked closely together and genuinely considered each other sisters.

  11. OK please leave this alone now. Jesy always said she was jealous of the other girls, so it wasn't Leigh Ann alone she was jealous of, stop speculating people always have disagreement. You fishing too damn hard to find excuse for Jesy nasty and vile behaviour.

  12. I saw this at the time of this show and commented on it. It was obvious something was wrong and i knew for sure when Jesy didnt show up for the finals of that show.

  13. First clip shows Leigh Anne calling out jesy and singling her out. Why call her out for having a different opinion lol just say yours and move on

  14. It’s boring!! all this stuff being pointed out.. making mountains out of molehills..I would love to see how anyone would react being with 3 other people for 10 years day in day out! There is bound to be tension and arguments most days.. Jesy is doing her own thing and so are the girls! Good luck to them all.

  15. But from the same show of theirs, Jesy and Leigh-Anne always sat together during the auditions. I just think there are moments in every friendship where you will find a person annoying. But i do think their friendship was genuine for the most part.

  16. I knew that there was tension between them about a couple of years ago when Jesy’s doc came out. In the documentary, jade and Perrie were worried for Jesy but Leigh just simply said that she feels she needs to ‘get over it’. I wasn’t very happy with Leigh Anne for saying that

  17. when it comes to blackfishing i think all people do it. even black people "whitefish" if there is something like that. i mean, black people be whitening their skin, wearing all those cute silky weaves. yes, she did it. why dont we take it as a compliment and stop trying to make drama where there is non. i mean, if she blackfishing, it means she wants to be like that, or she just loves the melanin. its really nice to see there are people who want to be in the black nation, i personally take it as a complement. just leave jersy alone,

  18. as a mixer i definitely noticed, i've mentioned it once or twice and all 5 of my followers (lol) completely agreed but we thought we was just reaching
    i especially thought Jesy was always jealous of Leigh and only Leigh from the very beginning

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