The Weeknd – Sacrifice (XO Vision)

The Weeknd – Sacrifice (XO Vision)

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The Weeknd

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47 Replies to “The Weeknd – Sacrifice (XO Vision)”

  1. I’ve gat to say, this man has amazing vocals , his base lines~ he takes you to a whole nother level everytime.. one thing I see in this man, his videos , he wants to release the freak in him, I’d love to see it, it’s like he’s ready to explode , he’s gat that, I love my R&B style but he can be a multiple music maker, let him get some Tenpo Rock out of him… he’s got ghat energy , open your box , then walls wanna open babe, The weekend is made for many styles an will have us all loving the results, ( stop worrying of the race an love your music )

  2. Que increible el real tras bambalinas, Abel un gran cantante y su produccion Woow mis respetos, me encanta la actitud que tiene The Weeknd, es simplemente amor. 💖

  3. 0:47 what was this 👆🏻 part? In real MV it's not like this. That lyrics sounded something different, Like "sacrifice" and "your" these 2 words seem to be overlapped too early. Isn't it?

  4. He Is Showing Humbleness In His Fall From Fame, From Turning His Darkness Into Light
    He Says "× I Don't Want To Sacrifice, For Your Love , I Tried. ×"
    He Realized That Sacrifice Is Not Always The Best Option,
    Love Has Deeper Roots Than Simply Sacraficial Superficial Means… True Love Means Knowing Choices Beyond

    The Fall From His Perceived Earlier Heights Of Love ,

    Seeing The Truth Of What His Relationship Has Brought , He Turns His Cheek , To Protect His Heart? Or For Another Reason Even Deeper ?

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