The Yiddish Course – Lesson 1

The Yiddish Course – Lesson 1

Lomir Zikh Bakenen! Let’s Get Acquainted
Greetings and introductions in Yiddish
With Professor Miriam Udel
(Recorded live on June 8, 2020)

Maybe you remember your Bubby or Zaidy speaking it. Maybe you’d like to watch Shtisel without the subtitles. Whatever the reason—this course is for you!

Join Emory University Professor Miriam Udel for an epic four-session online Yiddish course. You’ll gain a Taste of Yiddish and learn the basics of speaking the “Mame Loshen.”

The Intown Jewish Academy takes pride in offering innovative, inclusive, and impactful educational programs to all. People from a diverse spectrum of life find the Academy to be a warm and non-judgmental community in which to experience the richness and authenticity of Jewish learning and heritage.
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