This is where I want to be, it was a really simple decision! | Arteta signs new Arsenal contract

This is where I want to be, it was a really simple decision! | Arteta signs new Arsenal contract

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Mikel Arteta has signed a new Arsenal contract which runs until the end of the 2024-25 season. Arsenal’s women’s head coach Jonas Eidevall has also penned fresh terms.

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44 Replies to “This is where I want to be, it was a really simple decision! | Arteta signs new Arsenal contract”

  1. Right decision to tie down Mikel Arteta to a new contract before the end of the season? Hear more from the Arsenal boss in his press conference later this afternoon! 🔴

  2. I just hope we get TOP 4 no one was expecting it and it will speed the process up of the squad restructuring. Finishing TOP 4 will speed up what they thought would probably take another 2 years to next year, solidify our squad and challenge for 3rd next season and in another 2 or 3 years hopefully be up there for the title.

  3. Jordan Jarrett-Bryan said it best:

    "Arteta is managing the club upwards, downwards and all around"

    Meaning, he's done well managing the board upstairs, the team down on the pitch and the fans all around the world 🎯

  4. They are just rewarding his efforts, doesn't mean he can't be sacked. This season we have shown so much courage but still a question on everyone else's mind can he do it with all the cup competitions side by side.

  5. mister Mikel Arteta our coach manager amd their coach manager Jonathan Eidenvar female coach deserve's our confidence love support because through actions attitudes are showing the best of them for our own goodness go on Arsenal

  6. Arteta's reign will be similar to Wenger's. Very long time and he will make history. Looking forward for the invisible 2 maybe in the next 2 or 3 years.

  7. I'm not against this, but it's not a hill I am willing to die on… He has positives for sure let's hope in the long run the positives outweigh the negatives…

  8. We will only move forward. Good to have a fan base that is positive. The only think that might be stopping us would prolly be those negative fans as well as LG. Nothing with Arteta seems to be please him.

  9. Unbelievable! This apprehentice got new contract? More troubles and nightmares ahead in the feature. Truely not good enough. Waist!

  10. The clowns can only wish for the worst because they refuse to give anyone a chance and accept the project.. There isn’t a better way to rebuild Arsenal then the one we took.

    Mikel Arteta is and was always the manager to take this club forward. A big summer ahead of us now to complete the project.

  11. How come, Arsenal fun don’t see that Manager is not good enough to compare other 4 top manager,
    Can you imagine if Arsenal played more games at European, England and Carling cup, and United, Tottenham and Westham were not good that season, as Arsenal would finish 4-or 5 th place.
    He has improved team, but level of their football is not champions league, European is more suit them.

  12. 4th place trophy guaranted
    The "we beat chelsea away trophy" also dont forget the north london derby trophy .. arsenal may win their treble next season

  13. Squad Restructured.
    Philosophy marked and executed.
    Connections with the fans established.
    Brought the passion back.
    Polished the youth.
    Playing fearlessly.
    Top 4 possibility in our own hands.

    What more can you ask from a young manager having young squad?
    Trust the process!

  14. Top six was the goal and we achieved it. Who would have thought that after the first three games of the season. Top 4 would be fantastic and we're so close to doing it. Arteta is becoming better and better. Love this project and hope to see us playing champions league every year. And winning a few trophies along the way. COYG!

  15. I really love Mikel. I admire him so much. From a human resources management perspective I really admire his focus on standards and culture. Congratulations Mikel

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