THIS QUIZ IMPROVE YOUR IQ LEVEL: Find Cristiano Ronaldo ? Football Quiz Challenge 1-11 Level 1,2,3,4

THIS QUIZ IMPROVE YOUR IQ LEVEL: Find Cristiano Ronaldo ? Football Quiz Challenge 1-11 Level 1,2,3,4

This Quiz Improve Your Focus And IQ Level
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Ronaldo has started playing football at childhood, he was very pond of playing football since childhood. Due to his Passion with football Andorina Sports Club has selected him for Football

An interesting fact about Ronaldo is when he was playing football at childhood he was mostly loosing the match due to which he was weeping after loosing the Match

Ronaldo was present less in the Class and most in the football ground
When Ronaldo was 10 year old he was selected in the national Football team and Ronaldo has played two years for his team

when he became 12 years old, he went to the Portugal Sports club at 1997 for three(3) days trial
After the great performance in trial , he was signed with club for 1500 pounds. After that he had started hard work.
But unfortunately when he became 15 years old he felt that he has heart problem. Doctor restricted him from playing football

Now at that time there were two ways with Ronaldo
Firstly he has to stop playing football
secondly he has to do surgery of his heart

But there was a great risk to do surgery . The doctor had said, during this surgery there is no guaranty of life , it can be gone

But Ronaldo had taken the risk and do the surgery, because of his good luck his surgery was successful and after recovery he has started football again

He played his first match at the age of 17 for the team of Portugal after that he owned by Manchester United Football Club for 17 M Dollars in 2003

At that time he became the top paid teenager player of the world
Ronaldo had played for Manchester United Football club from 2003 to 2009, he played 196 matches and done 84 goals
After that he was owned by Real Madrid for 132 M Dollars. This contract was from 2009 to 2015
After the completion of the contract he has signed another deal of 2000 Crore with Real Madrid. It was a contract from 2015 to 2021

While playing with Real Madrid Ronald has own 15 Trophies
2 Laliga and 4 Champioship

Ronaldo is also one of the top influencer at the world top influence list
Ronaldo has win 5 champions League Title

He is also running a non Profit organization for the poor and needy people
In 2012 Ronaldo has auction his gold boat and he sold it for 13 crore, he had donated this money for a school construction

his house is in Real Madrid Spain, he is living here with his family
Price: Price of his house is $6.2 M

Another House: He has also a house in Madira Portugal and worth of this house is $8 million
New York: He has also a house in New York at Trump building he has own it for $ 18 million

Ronaldo is also the owner of many brands like, CR7 Clothing Brand, Perfume Brand and many more. He earns up to 1500 crore from his brand every year

Ronaldo is also the highest paid football player
He gets 31 million Euro every year for playing Football

in 2017 Ronaldo has also own the hotel of 300 crore , name of this Restaurant is Pestana CR7 Hotel

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